Madi Bruce

My background is as diverse as it is boring.  I’ve worked several different industries.  Anywhere from an executive administrative assistant to clinical housekeeper and back again.  In 2018 I received my BA in Technical Communications from ASU.  With everything that I’ve done, the one constant in my life has been writing.  I have been a writer since I was in 1st grade and I wrote (and apparently self-published) “The Hunted House by the Hunted Cemetery” Obviously at the tender age of 6 I didn’t know that “haunted” has an “a” in it. 

I am a crazy cat lady and I don’t care who knows.  My very precious Penelope Rose is the absolute darling apple of my eye.  My children have been known to lament on how much more I love my cat than I love them.  Hey, who am I to argue?

I am a diehard Fanilow!!  Don’t know what a Fanilow is? A Fanilow is a person who is a devoted fan of Mr. Barry Manilow!!  And to quote the great performer himself: “It ain’t easy being a Barry Manilow fan!”

I have three beautiful daughters, 2 grandchildren, and I’m married to the most understanding man in the world.  Seriously, he is, I have proof but I won’t go into that now.

I have been feeding the $5 habits of those around me since 2019 and I hope to continue for a long, long time to come. 

Terri Fuentes

I have lived in Arizona for 44 years.  I worked for the State of Arizona, Department of Public Safety from 1987-2016 when I retired.  I held various positions with my Department, but retired as a manager responsible for 3 separate state-wide programs.  I bring experience as a civil servant, budgeting, research and record keeping to The Bling Sisters.  I am the boring figurehead for the business and Madi is the face and creativeness portion of the business.  I have one son and two grandchildren. I started with Paparazzi Accessories in 2017.  I was living in Alaska at the time in a very small town.  I did not start actively selling the jewelry until I returned to Arizona later that same year.

I have been more active selling the jewelry at events and Facebook Live shows in the last year.  How has Paparazzi changed my life?  I have met tons of people (including my business partner) through jewelry sales, many times the income has helped me pay unexpected bills, but more often than not I have used the income for fun things!!  Fun things like vacations, makeup, clothes etc.  I am not nor have I ever been a sales person.  Selling Paparazzi has forced me to take chances and put the product out there using myself to promote the fun and hip jewelry that this awesome company makes.

I am super excited about our new business and the many opportunities it could create for both Madi and I!!!  In addition, I hope we can also create opportunities for Boss Babes that want to control their own destinies and help other women look and feel beautiful!!