What is your Paparazzi Style?

At The Bling Sisters we offer affordable jewelry in a great variety of styles.   We are proud to offer Paparazzi Accessories brand costume jewelry.

All Paparazzi Accessories jewelry is nickel and lead free.  All the jewelry is designed right here in the United States.  The company is owned by two sisters who started by selling $5.00 bling at swap meets and vendor events.  The phenomenon that is $5.00 bling has grown exponentially in just ten years!

There are five basic styles offered at The Bling Sisters.

Sunset Sightings
  1. Sunset Sightings

The Sunset Sightings lady is a trendsetter.  She wears drastic and daring designs with bold colors and fun combinations that can only be found when thinking outside the box.  You’ll see the Sunset Sightings designs on young Hollywood icons or on the pages of popular magazines.

Magnificent Musings
  1. Magnificent Musings

The lady who is drawn to the classic trend blended with elements of urban design will appreciate the Magnificent Musings showcase.  With Magnificent Musings you may find copper and brass side by side with rhinestones and crystals.  Be daring. Be bold. Be magnificent.

Glimpses of Malibu
  1. Glimpses of Malibu

The Glimpses of Malibu wearer loves her accessories to match. The Glimpses of Malibu line is inspired by the seaside hamlet of Malibu, California.  Laid back vibe with an upscale flavor, this trend is a blend of fun and livable fashion.

  1. Fiercely Fifth Avenue

The Fiercely Fifth Avenue lady appreciates the classics.  Picture accessories worn by the likes of  Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn with a modern edge and you’ll have a good idea of what the Fiercely Fifth Avenue collection offers.

  1. Simply Santa Fe

The Simply Santa Fe lady appreciates nature.  The collection takes its inspiration from the desert with natural stones, vibrant colors, and indigenous patterns.  The Simply Santa Fe lady cannot be tamed by the wild, wild west.

Urban Line

The Urban Line

There is one more style, the Urban line. The Urban collection is of a unisex design utilizing leather, natural fibers, suede, and chains of varying metal composites.

All necklaces, with the exception of the Urban line, come with complimentary earrings.

The proprietors, Terri and Madi, are able to offer advice for all of your accessorizing needs whether it is to complement an outfit or to learn how to pair accessories.  Make an appointment today.

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