The Best way to Display your Jewelry

The Best way to Display your Jewelry

The one thing I can say about costume jewelry, seeing how I have partnered with Paparazzi Accessories, is that it looks like you spent a whole lot more money on it than you did.  In truth, when you wear Paparazzi Accessories jewelry, unless you tell them, they won’t know.  And sometimes, even if you tell them, they won’t believe you!  But you want to keep that bling in tip top shape, right?  Of course, you do.  I’m going to share with you the best way to do just that.

The first thing I want to mention is that costume jewelry is not indestructible.  Just because it’s not made with precious metals doesn’t mean that it’s not fragile.  In many ways, costume jewelry is more fragile than “the real thing”.


Necklaces are best stored hanging up so that you will be able to access them for continued use.  I am a DIY kind of person, not wanting to spend a whole lot of money to purchase something on which to hang my necklaces.  And those jewelry boxes with the doors on the side?  They work great if your necklaces are all one length: short.  But my necklaces aren’t short. Quite to the contrary.  I have necklaces of all sorts of varying lengths; therefore, I need more space.

Pictured here is one of those old-fashioned coffee cup holders that I use to hang up my longer pieces.  I color coordinate them only because I’m that kind of person.

In this next pic, you’ll see that the necklaces aren’t color coordinated so much, but the earrings are.

Which leads us to…


Earrings can be stored as seen in this pic, each pair residing in their own space.  I, of course, try to group my earrings together in groups by type.  It just makes it easier for me to see what I have.  As for post earrings, there are as many methods of storage as there are styles of earrings.  I’ve seen some pretty clever DIY displays made using window screen and a frame.  And then there’s always the cork board method that work pretty well.


Rings are pretty simple to display.  I happen to employ all the methods I’m going to discuss here. 

Ring Dish

I have a ring dish at every sink, by my bed and chair.  Now this is for safety, not so much for display.  Let me explain.  Several weeks ago I misplaced my wedding ring.  The only time I ever take my wedding ring off is to wash my hands or to put lotion on.  So I figured it was going to be either by a sink, my chair, or my bed, right?  Ummm… no.  I searched and I searched.  I finally had to let my husband know to be on the lookout for it.  “You lost your wedding ring?” he asked incredulously, “No.  I temporarily misplaced it.” I fearfully replied.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and I realized the remote that I had had in my hand just seconds before was missing.  I figured it slipped down into my leather recliner.  I reached my hand in searching for it and thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be funny if I found my wedding ring?’  Sure enough, my fingers found that little gold band!  So now, I make sure to have a ring dish wherever I might take off my rings.

Ring Tree

I love my little ring tree!  I love how it displays my rings.  Of course, I’m that kind of person, my silver ring tree has silver rings, my gold ring tree has gold rings.  I can’t help it!

Cat Tail Ring Holder

I got my little cat shaped ring holder in Belize, so it has sentimental value to me. You can find these in many different placed, but I suggest being on the lookout for them when in the course of your travels. What better way to have a memory of your adventure than when you go to reach for one of your favorite rings and see that souvenir?s, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Ring Cushion

The ring cushion has rows of felt covered tubes in which one merely inserts their rings. I like the ring cushion because it will allow for various sized rings.  Another advantage to the ring cushion is that they often will come in an enclosed box with a lid, making them the perfect option for traveling with your jewelry.


Clasp Style

clasp bracelet

Bracelets can pose some challenges depending up their style.  Straight up bangles and stretchy bracelets are easy enough as they will easily hang on a display arm or hook.  Same goes for any bracelet that has a clasp.

Stretchy Style

Cuff Style

Now the cuff style bracelet presents more of a challenge if you are keen on making sure that the focal point of the bracelet is visible. I find that they don’t hang well as the weight may cause them to shift making them rotate and fall off the display. For this reason, I will use something along the lines of a porcelain dish on which to lay the piece.

Now you have some ideas on ways in which to display your jewelry.  Step into The Bling Sisters boutique and take a look at our lovely $5 Paparazzi Accessories brand jewelry so you can start creating your own display center.  Don’t forget to send up pics of your displays and selfies.  We LOVE selfies!